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Ciao, Italia!

Imagine staying in a historic villa on the edge of Tuscany, nestled among wineries
and olive trees, together with fellow artists who are now newly found friends.
As spectacular vistas surround you, there are endless opportunities to create beautiful paintings and life-long memories. 

Join us in Italy as we create together.

6 .JPG
liz mayo - William  McCarthy - DSC_0203.
liz mayo - William  McCarthy - DSC_0046.

Please enjoy the photos below, and for more details, scroll down to see the informational flyer.

To enroll in our Italy Workshops, held in May and September, please call Will at (203) 676-7030.

Click on images for more details. 


May 3-11 (waitlist) and September 6-14 (waitlist), 2024


May 9-17 and September 5-13, 2025

2024 ITALY flyer.jpg
2025 Italy flyer.jpg
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