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Available Originals - Gallery 5

If you wish to purchase any of the following please email or call 203-676-7030. 

convergence 24x30 oc 2350.jpg


24x30 oil on canvas

dreaming italy 20x24 oc 1400.jpg

Dreaming Italy

20x24oil on canvas

this life 20x16 oc 1200.jpg

This Life

20x16  oil on canvas

summer love 24x30 oc 2350.jpg
lavender day 14x11 oc 750.jpg

Lavender Day

14x11 oil on canvas

Summer Love

24x30 oil on canvas

lyme marsh 20x20 oc 1600.jpg

Lyme Marsh

20x20  oil on canvas

blue marsh 24x20 oc 1400.jpg

Blue Marsh

24x20 oil on canvas

Summer Marsh.   20x161200.jpg

Summer Marsh II

   30x40 oil on canvas

Days Like This  20x16 oc1200.jpg

Days Like This 

20x16 oil on canvas

Mystic Marsh.  30x24 oc 2350.jpg

Mystic Marsh

  30x24 oil on canvas

lazio spring 10x20 oc 700.jpg

Lazio Spring

10x20 oil on canvas

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