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Available  Small Originals

If you wish to purchase any of the following please contact the artist. 


As Morning Starts

6" square oil on canvas


Tonal Variations

10" square oil on canvas


Purple Haze

12 x 9” oil on canvas

My Lovely. 8”sq.   400.jpg

Northern Haze

8”square oil on canvas

Spot of Water  6”sq.  175..jpg

Spot of Water

6" square oil on canvas

Moment of Bliss  6 x 8”.  300..jpg

Butterscotch Marsh

5" x 8”  oil on canvas

Blue Day 10”sq.  600. .jpg

Blue Day

10”square oil on canvas


Distant Hill

12” square oil on canvas


Best Day

10" x 8” oil on canvas


Moment of Bliss

6 x 8” oil on canvas

Last Light 10”sq.  600..jpg

Last Light

10”square oil on canvas

Floating. 8”sq.   400..jpg


8”square oil on canvas

New Blessing. 8”sq.  400..jpg

New Blessing

8”square oil on canvas

Northern Haze. 8”sq.  400..jpg

My Lovely

8”square oil on canvas


Old Lyme Marsh

8"x12" oil on canvas

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